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FAME'S European Orchestral Performing Institute opened a European Creative orchestral program for skilled young musicians in the field of Orchestral music. The project is co-funded by Creative Europe and is part of Pan-European cultural entities, focused on allowing young talented musicians to participate in various orchestral practices, exploring new repertoires and performance styles within the FAME’S Project – a dedicated studio for orchestral music recordings. The program offers a highly professional level of training, practicing, mentoring, and performing, through new methodologies and technologies based on all involved partners experience.

Our Mission

Organised in one place to create a unique platform for exchange and
creativity, the axes and main development objectives of the project are as
1. Develop a training/ professionalisation / centre of excellence for young
European instrumentalists to increase the competitiveness and economic
potential of the music and creative sectors;
2. Build professional and original orchestral music content aimed at
reaching new audiences in the era of digital transformation while ensuring
the development and promotion of cultural diversity and European musical
3. Encourage intra-European mobility; encounter and defend the
humanist values essential to Europe. Thus gender quality, diversity, and
social representativeness as the commitment to the fight against climate
change will be essential pillars of the program.



Each seminar consists of 5 different masterclasses, practices:

  • Classical music, baroque, and contemporary music
  • Film/media/video game music
  • Hybrid orchestral jazz and modern music
  • Carte blanche (with special guest)
  • Immersion professional recording sessions.

The main ambition of the project is to offer young talented European classical musicians an intensive orchestral work program implemented by the participants with physical participation in the training, mentoring, rehearsal, and performing sessions along with masterclasses in the
FAME’S studios and premises.

Each seminar and program is organised around two axes:

  • The first axis is focused on a theoretical approach and will provide the participants an initial contact with the whole program, training sessions and

Under expert mentoring, along with masterclasses addressing the topics of music practice, rehearsal methods and strategies, development of artistic and personal ways of expression, economic and carrier development approaches.

  • The second axis has focused on the implementation in the practice of participants for professional performances and results. Therefore, each program concluded with a practical output in the form of professional recordings, live performances on concerts, recorded and streamed live.

Technical Information

Each seminar lasts between 2 and 6 weeks and is organized around five
topics and practice subjects (classical music, film and media, hybrid orchestral, carte blanche, recording sessions)

  • The participants can choose to attend the whole seminar or particular masterclasses according to their availability or interest 
  •  It is NOT OBLIGATORY for the participants to attend the whole seminar 
  • Each seminar is planned to welcome between 20 to 30 musicians.
  • The chosen applicants will receive fully funded scholarship for the masterclasses. They will be welcomed  and accommodated on FAME’S premises. The participants will only take charge of their travel costs.
  • The program aims to reach around 160 participants from at least 20 European countries over three years.
  • The program, content, and experts, will be established for each seminar in coordination with the Associated Partners.

Seminar archives:

Submission Requirements

Who can apply?

Professional young musicians who:
  • Are in the process of getting their academic certifications or have already finished their formal education
  • Citizens of one of the 27 countries of the European Union or non-EU countries participating in Creative Europe Program (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia)
  • Are aged between 16 – 30 years old
  • Fluent in English Language
  • Have applied and sent all the required files

Application processes

In the first step of the application process, provide the basic information about yourself.
Please fill out the form and submit it. You can apply on this call through out the whole year.


Application guidelines:
  • Register through the application form
  • If you can’t submit the required files (videos, CV) through our application form, please send them by e-mail to: auditions.famesinstitute@gmail.com
Video file requirements:
  • The video file can be pre-recorded but it must not be older than 6 months
  • The chosen pieces need to be either a movement of a classical concert or sonata, or a piece written specifically for your instrument.
  • Each piece must be recorded as one take, without any editing.
  • Excerpts do not need to be recorded with accompaniment
  • Each selection or movement can be uploaded or sent as a separate video
  • Professional or studio recordings are not required, but the video must have quality sound.



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Students Testimonials


It was an amazing experience. I have learned so much, improved my orchestral playing and got a chance to meet new people, colleagues and made new connections.


In this program I didn’t just learn about music and the ways to make my playing better, I also learned how to listen to others, how to sympathize with others, how to feel and enjoy the music.


It was really fun to work with other motivated young musicians and with great and inspiring mentors. The building and the facilities here were amazing and the food was delicious.


I improved my sight reading and I experienced working in a recording studio and playing lots of different kinds of music.


I really enjoyed staying in this beautiful place and collaborating with other musicians. It improved my understanding of music and balanced the sound in the group.

    Our Partners

    FAME'S Project

    FAME’S is a music production company built in 2007 specialised in orchestral music recordings. With over 3000 orchestra projects performed and recorded in the last 15 years the project is recognised today as an active participant in the worldwide orchestral music production sector. Over the last 10 years, the company has implemented trans-regional and trans-European mobility in its activities employing more than 150 of the finest professional classical musicians from North Macedonia and Western Balkans. Aside from the music production activities, studio’s and facilities welcome multiple regional projects encouraging, and supporting local creation and music development.

    Creative Europe

    Creative Europe is a European program supporting cultural and creative sectors. Creative Europe invests in actions that reinforce cultural diversity and respond to the needs and challenges of the cultural and creative sectors. With a budget of € 2.44 billion, the main objectives of the program are to:

    •   safeguard, develop and promote European cultural and linguistic diversity and heritage

    •   increase the competitiveness and economic potential of the cultural and creative sectors, in particular, the audiovisual sector

    The Creative Europe program 2021-2027 will contribute to the recovery of the cultural sectors, reinforcing their efforts to become more inclusive, digital, and environmentally sustainable.

    Pan-European cultural entities (CREA-CULT-2021-PECE)

    This action will support projects proposed by cultural entities - in the case of this Call - orchestras with artists from at least 20 countries - whose aim is to offer training, professionalisation, and performance opportunities for young high potential artists. The goals of this action are to:

    • enhance the visibility of European cultural diversity and cultural heritage

    • foster the emergence of artistic excellence and the achievement of the highest possible standard of orchestral performance

    • support the activities of organisations and artists who act as promoters and ambassadors of EU cultural values

    • foster participation and access to high-level artistic creation for young and new audiences

    • foster the sector’s capacity to be resilient and prepared to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technologies for both the professional development of artists and performance accessibility.

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