The Program


The program includes 10 Orchestral Courses per year (February, April, May, July, September). Each Course lasts approximately 5 to 7 days and welcomes 27 to 30 European musicians.

Each Course is one of the following types:

  • Classical Music Orchestral Course: involving working on a Classical or Contemporary Classical Concert Program and Performance 
  • Film Music Orchestral Course: an introduction to making, performing, and recording music for films, video games and media 
  • Hybrid Music Orchestral Course: a crossover project merging orchestral music with jazz music, world music and various genres
  • Recording Orchestral Course: an immersive guide through the orchestral recording process. Not only including mentorship in individual, chamber ensemble as well as full orchestra recording sessions, this program offers engagements of the students in real professional orchestral sessions as part of FAME’S projects
  • Carte Blanche Orchestral Course: a project involving an international guest mentor or soloist with a custom-made program

Each Course features various lectures, music workshops, trainings, mindfulness and mental health workshops, additional concert programs, and fun extracurriculars.

The program is a fully-funded scholarship providing full board and accommodation. Travel arrangements to and from Skopje are not provided. However, we do offer assistance in finding convenient travel options as well as cover any expenses related to instrument transport.



Phase I: Pre-selection
Students can apply through our portal by submitting the application form on our website or via the Mubazar platform
To apply successfully, you need to provide at least two video recordings. There are no repertoire restrictions, however, repertoire choices are also taken into account during the selection process.

Phase II: Interview
The pre-selected candidates will be invited for a 20-minute long interview with the Institute’s Artistic Director and Project Coordinator.

Phase III: Final selection
Once receiving the official invitation letter and student contract, students are required to confirm their presence by sending in the signed contract as well as proof of their booked travel arrangements.

Video file requirements:

  • The video file can be pre-recorded but it must not be older than 6 months
  • Each piece must be recorded as one take, without any editing.
  • Excerpts do not need to be recorded with accompaniment
  • Each selection or movement can be uploaded or sent as a separate video. Professional or studio recordings are not required, but the video must have quality sound.