September Open Call – Courses: Film Music & Carte Blanche

In May, we wrapped up an unforgettable Seminar #5 with 5 different orchestral courses (Hybrid, Classical, Film, Carte Blanche and Recording), rehearsing and recording in a professional recording studio at FAME’S @famesproject, but also performing, traveling and connecting with young musicians from all over Europe!

Our students mastered complex scores, had amazing concerts and made many new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. 🌍

As we are already prepared for the upcoming courses in July, we invite you to apply for the courses in September – ‘Film’ and ‘Carte Blanche’ Orchestral Courses in September and experience what it is like to be living, playing, rehearsing and recording in a state-of-the-art studio, alongside our esteemed mentors, together with other young musicians from Europe!

🎬 Week 1 – Silent Movie (10th -17th September)
Under the mentorship of Maestro Mirian Khukhunaishvili, we’re thrilled to collaborate with the National Cinematheque of North Macedonia for this unique project. During the Course, our students will gain experience preparing a silent movie masterpiece “Blackmail” by Hitchcock, whose music is composed by Neil Brand. 

The students will perform at the Silent and Classical Film Festival in Skopje on 16th of September.

🎮 Week 2 – Video Games (17th – 26th September)
Our final Orchestral Course ‘Carte Blanche’ will be the culmination of our 2024 Seminar Program, paying tribute to the groundbreaking ‘Journey’ Original Soundtrack by Grammy-winning composer Austin Wintory @a.wintory. This week-long course will immerse you in the world of video game music, led by none other than Austin Wintory himself! 

The concert finale will be performed on 25th of September at Kolarac Concert Hall in Belgrade.

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❗ The Program offers a FULLY FUNDED SCHOLARSHIP to selected participants! (EU or Creative Europe Countries, 18-30 y/o)

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Application deadline: July 15th