Seminar #2

Classical Music Masterclass

14th to 21st of June 2022

The Classical Music Masterclass will focus on developing in-depth the interpretation, interaction and Orchestral performance skills, to train the students to build up their future career as professional members of an orchestra.

Tim Redmond, eminent conductor and pedagogist, will lead this masterclass. The musicians will be involved in a full week of orchestral rehearsals and training, supported by professional musicians.

A Live Stream of the General Rehearsal will be performed at FAME’S Studio as well as an outdoor performance for the official opening event of the European Creative Orchestral Program.

Tim Redmond / Conductor

Timothy Redmond is a conductor and educator. He is Professor of Conducting at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, a regular guest conductor with the London Symphony and Royal Philharmonic Orchestras and conductor and co-creator of the Royal Albert Hall’s My Great Orchestral Adventure™ concert series. He has appeared with many of the major European orchestras, has held Music Director positions in the US and UK and has conducted opera in London, Vienna, New York and St Petersburg. He has also recorded albums for EMI, Warner Classics, Harmonia Mundi and Orchid Classics. As an educator, Tim has taught and mentored young musicians all over the world and regularly works as a consultant for arts organizations, universities and conservatoires internationally.


Hybrid Orchestral Music Masterclass

22nd to 27th of June 2022

The Hybrid Orchestral Music Masterclass will be an exploration into Kolsimcha music; groundbreaking mix of thrilling jazz improvisations, dazzling symphonic sounds and exotic Mediterranean melodies alternating with poignant ballads and sensuous Eastern European rhythms.

The musicians will practice with the band Kolsimcha, through their original musical language, sheer enthusiasm and virtuosity, get familiar with the instrumental musical tradition Klezmer music and techniques of improvisation.

A Live Streamed Concert performed at FAME’S Studio and an outdoor Performance will close the Masterclass.

Kolsimcha / Position

Since their formation in 1986, the unique sound of Kolsimcha, called by the LA Times as the “fantastic five”, this incredible ensemble pairs a front line of clarinet and flute with a super tight rhythm section of acoustic bass, drums and piano has captivated and enthralled the demanding audiences at New York’s Carnegie Hall and London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall as well as those at the most renowned jazz, classical and world music festivals.


Film Music Masterclass

27th to 30th of June 2022

The Film Music Masterclass will give performing musicians real life experience of collaborating with media composers on bringing original music written for film to life, working in a professional recording studio and understanding the requirements of producing professional level performances under a tight deadline.

Alastair King will lead the Masterclass around the collaboration between the 23 student performers and five talented composers. The composers will contribute to the project by coming and working at our purpose-built studio in Skopje. During that time the composers will be able to work with the performers on a new piece they will have written during June 2022 and also compose, rehearse and record a short piece during their time on the course. In addition, the performers will get a chance to play existing film music that has been especially arranged for them.

A Live Streamed Concert will be performed at FAME’S Studio to close the masterclass.

Alastair King, Conductor

Alastair King is one of the leading orchestrators and conductors in the UK and orchestrated over 100 film, TV and video game projects including Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, The Martian, Downton Abbey and Doctor Who. He regularly collaborates with some of the leading media composers working today. Alastair is also a regular conductor of the Chamber Orchestra of London (COOL) and has conducted many other orchestras and choirs including the London Symphony Orchestra, BBC Concert Orchestra, Northern Sinfonia, London Session Orchestra, Metro Voices, RSVP Voices, BBC Philharmonic, the Bach Choir, the Choir of the King’s Consort, BBC National Orchestra and Chorus of Wales and the Vienna ORTF Orchestra.

Recording Masterclass

4th to 11th of July 2022

The Recording Masterclass will focus on training the musicians in the process of recording eclectic styles of music on professional projects, where an in-depth knowledge of music theory and techniques are necessary.

The musicians will be introduced to the specifics skills and technics required on a recording stage. Players will have opportunities to join some of the recording sessions under the direction of our in-house conductors, for international composers and production.

FAME’S Recording Studio

FAME’S Project is a music production company built in 2007 specialized in orchestral music recordings and has been produced over 4000 orchestral projects in the last 10 years for the international market and recognized today as part of the main actors in the worldwide orchestral music production sector. Over the last 10 years, FAME’S implemented a trans-regional and trans-European mobility in its activities employing more than 150 of the finest professional classical musicians from the Western Balkans and European countries.

Film MusicMasterclass

11th to 14th of July 2022

The Film Music Masterclass will give musicians a wide perspective of film music history, composition improvisation and performances skills on silent movie.

Luis Ivars will focus the masterclass on the analysis, practice, improvisation and performance training on ‘The Assassination of the Duke of Guise’, composed by Sain-Saëns, considered as the pioneer composer of an original score for film. Music was one of the most spectacular innovations in cinema history.

A ‘Cine Concert’, Live Streamed Concert will be performed at FAME’S Studio to close the masterclass.

Luis Ivars, Composer

Luis Ivars is the Honorary of the Spanish Association for Audiovisual Composers. He president of FFACE, member of the Music Commission of the Spanish Film Academy, and member at ECSA Board. Since his beginnings in classical music, his musical experiences have gone through different styles, like pop, blues, rock, jazz, funky, ethnic, or electronic music. He has composed more than 80 soundtracks for films, shorts, documentaries, TV series, and drama. He has been nominated three times to the category of the best song in the Goya awards.


Carte Blanche Masterclass

18th to 23rd of July 2022

The Carte Blanche Masterclass will give a fantastic opportunity to the musicians to perform on stage with renowned artists.

Francesco Tristano, Sony Classical artist, employs a combination of formal classical training and pioneering electronic music. As a classical music trained, he has toured with many renowned orchestras, including the Russian National Orchestra, the Hamburger Symphoniker and the Hanoi Philharmonic. He has founded his own chamber ensemble, the New Bach Players – which is breaking down ‘classical’ conventions – and continues to pioneer a creative collision between musical eras and styles, employing cutting-edge music technology techniques.

A studio recording will be performed at FAME’S and an outdoor Concert will close the Masterclass.

Francesco Tristano, Pianist

Francesco Tristano leads a multifaceted career as a pianist, composer, and DJ, delving into classical and jazz works, as well as techno and experimental electronic music. As a classical artist, he is often associated with Baroque music, particularly compositions by J.S. Bach, as well as Buxtehude, Frescobaldi, and Vivaldi. However, Tristano is equally at home in contemporary and avant-garde music, regularly performing works by Berio, Cage, and Stravinsky, in addition to his own compositions.