OPEN CALL for the Program organized in 2024

The project will be spread across 5 periods (February, March, May, August, and September).

🎹 Applying now will allow you to prioritize and choose the best period of the year that fits your availability, and select the Master Classes you wish to attend.

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▶ Engage in intensive courses

▶ Explore innovative orchestral music content

▶ Enhance students’ orchestral project experiences

▶ Dive into a rich diversity of musical repertoires and performance styles

▶ Develop skills in advanced recording techniques


▶ Showcase your talent through public performances

▶ Feature in professionally recorded concerts

▶ Participate in professional orchestral recording sessions

▶ Immerse yourself in real-world performances


▶ Experience immersive recording sessions in a professional setting

▶ Collaborate on projects with international composers and production companies

▶ Share the stage with various conductors and renowned artists


▶ Experience the unique nature of the program

▶ Complement your university’s existing programs

▶ Benefit from a tuition-free program*

▶ Access all activities in one convenient location

(*except travel expenses )

Don’t miss the opportunity to Join us at ! 🎵🌟@europeancommission🇪🇺