FEMMES Unplugged Session at Laboratorium

The FEMMES Unplugged Session at Laboratorium successfully unfolded as part of the third course of 2024, the ‘Recording & Film Music’ Orchestral Course, organized by the FAME’S Institute.

Continuing with the off-concert series ‘FAME’S Unplugged’, this session highlighted emerging female composers from various cultural backgrounds.

Talented musicians from across Europe took the stage to present a contemporary classic by female composers for the first time as part of our program. These young musicians had been preparing the program at FAME’S Studio in Skopje for the past few days.

Following the concert, attendees were invited to a panel discussion, offering a deeper dive into the themes of gender balance and cultural diversity in music composition. The event provided a significant platform for exchange and networking.

This project is co-funded by the European Union, Creative Europe.