FAME’S Unplugged Session @Audiokultura

It takes only 5 minutes to APPLY for a fully funded scholarship for the ‘Recording & Carte Blanche’ Orchestral Course and have the amazing opportunity to rehearse, record and perform together with other FAME’S students!

The latest ‘FAME’S Unplugged’ Session took place on April 9th (Tuesday) at  Audiokultura within the ‘Recording & Film Music’ Orchestral Course and featured our special off-concert program. The mini concert provided a great opportunity to showcase the young musicians from the FAME’S Institute who are currently participating in our Seminar #5 led by mentor Alastair King.

The Program offers a FULLY FUNDED SCHOLARSHIP to the selected participants!
(Citizenship of the EU or Creative Europe Countries, 18-30 years old)

You can APPLY on the link or send your application directly to auditions.famesinstitute@gmail.com

Co-funded by the European Union, Creative Europe.