Classical Music Orchestral Course SEMINAR#5

Classical Music Orchestral Course SEMINAR#5

(12th to 20th of February 2024)

🎶 WINDS OF FAME’S – A Breath of Fresh Air for our second Orchestral Course, featuring conductor Paul Marsovszky and Prof. Csaba Pálfi as mentors, in cooperation with ‘Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest’.

This Orchestral Course will be dedicated to wind instruments, exploring the unique timbre of this ensemble type and its versatility. FAME’S Wind Ensemble Course is designed to enhance skills through the Wind Chamber repertoire, applicable in both Chamber music and Orchestral line up. Additionally, applicants will be introduced to Wind Chamber music that is less frequently performed in a typical university environment.

The Orchestra instrumentation includes a Brass septet and a Wind decet (double wind quintet) formations. Both chamber groups will perform a piece from the German Romantic period and a piece from the 20th-century Francophone cultural milieu. A Concert is scheduled for the 19th of February at the Liszt Academy in Budapest. Students will also have the opportunity to attend several lectures and participate in a workshop to prepare for ‘audition situations’.

The Concert Program will include arrangements of: Robert Schumann/arr. Robert Schumann, Robert Schumann, Simon Cox: Vier Doppelchörige Gesänge Op. 141 [brass septet]; Simon Cox: Trois chansons M69 [brass septet]; Joachim Raff: Sinfonietta in F major Op. 188 [wind decet]; George Enescu: Decet for Winds Op. 14 [wind decet].

Co-funded by the European Union, Creative Europe