APPLY for Seminar #5 ‘Recording & Carte Blanche’ (11th – 24th of May)

APPLY before the deadline on 1st of April for the Seminar #5 ‘Recording & Carte Blanche’ (11th – 24th of May)!

The ‘Recording & Carte Blanche’ Orchestral Course in May offers our students an opportunity to collaborate with media composers on bringing original music written for film to life, working in a professional recording studio at Fames Project – Orchestral Music Recording.

The first part of this Course, in collaboration with the Conservatoire of Amsterdam, five young composers will record their Film music soundtracks for animation movies produced by Netherlands Film academies, together with our students led by our professional technical team and Conductor.

The second part of the Course, led by Diane Louie, will provide insight into the world of music production for Media, will help prepare students to create and maintain a workflow with trade-typical production elements.

Diane Louie is a composer/lyricist and classically trained conductor with roots in every corner of the musical globe—from R&B to speed metal, from electronica to Broadway. In over forty years as a music director, she has helmed orchestras worldwide, including the London Symphony, the Boston Symphony, the San Francisco Symphony, the Detroit Symphony and the Royal Philharmonic. Louie’s recent credits include the Academy Awards, Emmys, Kennedy Center Honors, Musicares, SAG Awards, and more.

The Program offers a FULLY FUNDED SCHOLARSHIP to the selected participants!

(Citizenship of the European Union or Creative Europe Countries, 18-30 years old)

You can APPLY on the following link or send your application at:

Co-funded by European Union, Creative Europe