Calling All Young Composers!

Get ready to elevate your music composition skills to the next level! Join us for an exclusive Recording & Film Music Orchestral Course from April 4th to April 14th 2024, led by the composer and conductor, Alastair King. Dive into the heart of film music creation and experience the thrill of working in a professional studio environment and recording with a European young talent orchestra at our state-of-the-art FAMES facilities. /

Why You Should Apply:
▶ Meet a real, young, and talented orchestra: featuring talents from all across Europe and enjoy a unique music sharing experience.
▶ Hands-on Experience: Bring your original film music to life and learn how to deliver outstanding performances under tight deadlines.
▶ Expert Guidance: Benefit from the Orchestral Course with Alastair King, a maestro with extensive experience in the UK and Hollywood. Discover more about him here.
▶ Unique Recording Opportunity: Record with the European young talent orchestra at our state-of-the-art FAMES facilities.
▶ Full Support: Enjoy complimentary accommodation and meals throughout the course.
▶ Keep Your Creations: You retain full rights to use your recordings.

This is a special invitation to young composers eager to explore the depths of film music composition and orchestration.

The Program offers a FULLY FUNDED SCHOLARSHIP to the selected participants!
(Citizenship of the European Union or Creative Europe Countries, 18-30 years old)

You can APPLY on the LINK IN BIO or send your application at:

🗓️ The deadline for the Application is 29th of February!

Don’t miss this chance to transform your musical journey with the guidance of industry professionals and alongside fellow emerging talents. Let your compositions shine in the cinematic world!

Co-funded by the European Union, Creative Europe.